Cristen Leifheit

I play with the seriousness of living among material leftovers, byproducts, non-human beings, and transformation in the environment. Fruit, potatoes, algae, water, crystals, screens, and ants make appearances as characters in my work. With attention to the unique time scales of each, these characters are situated together and with humans through the use of stop motion, time-lapse, found footage, and collective stories. Building and breaking the rhythms of natural processes, narratives, and staged action, the media works put pressure on the ways time is constructed in contemporary society and how it affects moments of encounters in our environment.

1-2. Loading…, 2019, Installation, 60” Monitor, Bench, Sound

3. Load Bearing, 2019, Film still from video, Installation, Built Screen, Projector

4. Replenish Repaint Repeat 1, 2018, Film still from single channel HD video, TRT 5:28 min